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THINE ALONE Victor Herbert (m) Henry Blossom (l) 1917 as rec by Mario Lanza w Orch cond by Ray Sinatra 1951 Los Angeles also rec by- Bing Crosby w Victor Young & his Orch '38 Mario Lanza w Henri Rene & his Orch '56 Allan Jones Tell me why there is a doubt within thy heart, My own, tell me why. I but fear the time will come when we must part, Alas, I should die! Evermore, by day or night, I'll dream of you, my darling, My love is but thine. Thine alone in thine arms, Then for me my beloved, let thine eyes look fondly into mine. For thy love there's a spell Too wondrous to tell, 'Tis a rapture that's all divine! So within thy tender arms enfold me, For thy loss the world would not atone! Dear love I swear that I will e'er be true, And forever thine alone, Thine alone! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2010)


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