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THINGS ARE CHANGING Jay & The Americans Girls, have you got the kind of man everyone looks up to? Well, if you don't, listen; I'll tell you what to do: Get your man, take him by the hand, and come on here to me I'm here to tell you about equal opportunity There was a time when the world was fickle And it may have been hard to succeed Well, times have changed now And school and training is what you really need It doesn't matter who you may be Everyone's equal with the same opportunity CHORUS: Things are changing for the better Things are changing for the better Now's the time for you to better yourself Life's got problems, but you can make it And I'm gonna tell you why Just like the early bird that catches the worm You gotta get up, go out and try Your race or color won't stand in your way Don't wait for tomorrow; today is your day (chorus) Good jobs are out there, just waiting to be found But they won't come to you, uh uh! You gotta get up and look around! (repeat last 2 lines of verse 2, then chorus) (repeat and fade): Things are changing for the better


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