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THINGS ARE SWINGIN' Peggy Lee & Jack Marshall Peggy Lee w Jack Marshall & his Orch rec May 19th 1958 Hollywood also- Chris Connor '62 '78 Peggy Lee '89 Things are swingin', Birds are singin', And just what do you think those bells are doin' but ringin'? 'Cause they have to ring to make this whole thing rhyme, And you know that things are swingin' all the time. If the news is What the blues is, Then we'd better just practice up on our ones and twoses, 'Cause where love is you can always find a rhyme, And where love is, things are swingin' all the time. It's as simple as As a dimple, Just remember that You can find some brand new swingin' ideas Underneath your hat! So keep countin', Keep it mountin', Till you think it must be Ponce de Leon's fountain! Yes, the fountain of youth, for those who know the score, Means that things will keep on swingin' for evermore. Like an ocean That's in motion, Like the wind that's blowin' the boat right in to shore, It's the livin'est thing to live and breathe And keep on laughin' up your sleeve; Things are swingin' and they'll keep swingin' some more. Yes, things are swingin' and they'll keep swingin' some more, Let's keep on swingin' and swing right out the door! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2008)


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