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THINK ABOUT IT DARLIN' (Jerry Foster / Bill Rice) Jerry Lee Lewis - 1972 Search the corners of your precious heart And if you find something there And there's anyway to call it love Then we still got a prayer I've got more love for you sweetheart Than you'll ever find again So before you close that door on me Think about it Darlin' Think about it Darlin' Give yourself a little time Consider all you mean to me And you might change your mind I haven't been the kind of man You wanted me to be But if you'll stay darlin' I'll try to change Don't give up on Jerry Lee Lord, things were good between us once I know they could be again And there's nothing good about goodbye So think about it Darlin' (There's nothing good about goodbye) Think about it Darlin', think about it (Contributed by Mel - July 2004)


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