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THIS GUITAR IS FOR SALE (Shel Silverstein / Fred Koller) Bobby Bare - 1978 This guitar is for sale, I'll let her go cheap She's pretty to look at, but she don't earn her keep She can roar like the west wind, she can weep, she can wail But the tunes that she plays just ain't sellin' today This guitar is for sale She lay close beside me on cold winter nights She's got me in trouble and she's won me some fights We both come out all right She knows all the sad songs that Hank ever wrote Just touch her once gently and she'll take you on home She'll tell you some stories 'bout junk yards and jails And a fool with a song and a dream that went wrong This guitar is for sale She's rode cross this country on freight trains and trucks Hung 'round pawnshop windows when we're down on our luck We been down on our luck So please treat her kind, keep her out of the rain It's funny you're askin', I never gave her a name But if you say she looks weary, you been readin' our mail So if you got the dough, buddy, take her and go This guitar is for sale She's won me some ladies with her sweet lovin' songs And she stuck right here with me when the ladies were gone And the ladies are gone But hard times and trouble been doggin' our tail So if you got the dough, buddy, take her and go This guitar is for sale (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2010)


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