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THIS HEART OF MINE From the film "Ziegfield Follies" (1945) (Harry Warren / Arthur Freed) Fred Astaire (Film Soundtrack) - 1945 Judy Garland - 1945 Also recorded by : Vaughn Monroe; Bing Crosby; Count Basie Orch.; Joni James; Johnny Mathis; Ruby Braff; Barbara Carroll; Dinah Washington; Mary Cleere Haran; Louis Prima; Sarah Vaughan; Stephanie Haynes; Hollywood Flames; Danny Moss; Ruth Price; Carol Lawrence; Marlene Ver Planck; Spike Robinson; Jackie Ryan; Rosemary Squires; Ginny Simms; Joanie Sommers; Maxine Sullivan; Boyd Raeburn Orch: .............. and others. Maybe it was the music Or the glamorous sky of blue Maybe it was the mood i was in Or maybe it was really you ... really you This heart of mine was doing very well The world was fine as far as i could tell And then quite suddenly i saw you, and i dreamed of gay amours At dawn i wake up singing sentimental overtures This heart of mine is gaily dancing now I taste the wine of real romancing now Somehow this crazy world has taken on a wonderful design As long as life endures, it's yours, this heart of mine (Contributed by Bill huntley - January 2005)


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