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THIS IS TOMORROW (Bryan Ferry) Bryan Ferry Here in the hush of evenin' On a night in June Overhearin' conversations Bayin' at the moon Suddenly a voice I'm hearin's Sweet to my ear This is tomorrow callin' Wishin' you were here Layin' in my motel bedroom Feelin' ceilin' blues Wall to wall a TV's twitchin' Clearly not a muse Then flashin' through the interference Beams a thousand tunes This is tomorrow callin' What have I to lose Truckin' by the railway station I'm on the road again Steerin' clear of all temptation Unto the point of pain When steamin' thru on cue I hear that wailin' whistle blow If this is tomorrow callin' Oh what a way to go! Day to day you live old fashioned Hi-toned,fancy free A double take,on image-spittin' Tailored to a T While history is tellin' you The same old thing This is tomorrow callin' Let's stick a new oar in This is tomorrow callin' Y'all 'n Come on in. (Contributed by Claude Hercot - February 2004)


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