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THREE LETTERS (Billy Rose (m) Hal Stanley (l) ) as recorded by Kay Starr with Hal Mooney & his Orchestra July 3rd 1952 Los Angeles (spoken) Well, you're right up on top now and you wanna be free, You think you're too big for poor little me! How soon you forgot, you forgot all things that you said, Huh-huh, our little success has just gone to your head! (sung) Here are three letters you sent me, dear, At three different stages in your career. The first one read, "Darlin', you wonderful one, I'll always be grateful for all that you've done!". The second came after I gave you your start, It came from your pen, dear, and not from your heart! The third was a joker that comes with a deck; You started your letter, "Enclosed please find a cheque"! Poor fool, do you think that your money could pay For all that I've suffered till things came your way? Now it's all over, I've waited for years, I've served you with kindness, you paid me in tears! I sighed when you kissed me, thrilled at your touch, My only sin was that I love, yes loved you too much! I answered that letter that said we must part, Then tore them to pieces like you tore my heart! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2015)


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