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THREE LITTLE SISTERS From the film "Private Buckaroo" (1942) (Irving Taylor / Vic Mizzy) Andrews Sisters - 1942 Horace Heidt & His Orch. - 1942 Dinah Shore - 1942 Vaughn Monroe & His Orch. - 1943 Also recorded by: Donald Peers There were three little sisters, Three little sisters, Each one only in her teens, One loved a soldier, one loved a sailor, And one loved a lad from the Marines. Oh, the three little sisters; They were the fairest From Iceland to the Philippines; So said the soldier, so said the sailor, And so said the lad from the marines. And when the boys marched away, The girls said they'll be true Until the boys come back someday. Now the three little sisters, Three little sisters Stay home and read their magazines, You can tell it to the soldiers, Tell it to the sailors And tell it to the marines!


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