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TICK TICK TICK Robert Mitchum - 1957 What a confusion A fellow lost his watch in the railroad station What a confusion A fellow lost his watch in the railroad station A sagga girl named Dimelda was suspected of being a burglar She had no purse, no pocket in her clothes But where she hid the watch only goodness knows And they were hearing (Chorus) Tick, tick, tick, everybody looking Tick, tick, tick, seeing how they’re searching Tick tick, tick, that’s all they’re hearing But they couldn’t find out where the watch was hiding Under suspicion, they took her down to the police station And sent for the matron Who examined all the clothes that she had on The matron examined with care She even make her pull down her long hair She searched and she could’nt search no more But the watch was ticking louder than before And they’re hearing (Chorus) The matron hit on an idea that she could find the watch around somewhere She said she had an incentive She could find the watch if given privilege To divest Dimelda entirely And search her as if she was crazy The search was such, so they decide That the matron turn Dimelda’s inside outside I’m hearing (Chorus) Confusion now in the station They made the searching by inspiration The watch ticking louder and louder And the matron moving up closer The matron is convinced, there’s no doubt She push her hand up inside Dimelda’s mouth And do you know her idea came true When she found the watch it was ten to two (Chorus)


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