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TIGHTEN UP Archie Bell & The Drells Hi everybody. I'm Archie Drell and the Drells from Houston, Texas. We don't only sing but we dance just as good as we walk. In Houston we just started a new dance called the Tighten Up. This is the music we tighten up to. First tighten up on the drums. Come on now drummer. I want you to tighten it up for me now. oh yeah Tighten up on that bass now. Tighten it up. ha ha Yeah Now let that guitar fall in. Oh yeah Tighten up on that organ now. Ya, do the tighten up. Yeah now. I said if you can do it now, It sure would be tough. Now look here. Come on now. Make it mellow. Let's tighten up now. Do the tighten up. Everybody can do it now. So let's do it. We're gonna tighten up. Let's do the tighten up. You can do it now. So baby get to it. Let's do your left now. Let's do your right. You can do it. But don'tcha just do it light. Come on and tighten up. Tighten it up now. Come on now drum. Tighten it up. Tighten up that bass. Oh yeah Now look here. I want that guitar to fall in on that. Tighten it up now. Oh yeah Now tighten it up organ. There everybody, tighten it up. Now look here. We gonna make it mellow for ya now. We gonna make it mellow now. Tighten up. You can tighten up.


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