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TILT BILLINGS AND THE STUDENT PRINCE Leo Kottke & Ron Nagle - 1973 Tilt Billings saw a guitar in a pawn shop window Not much to look at but he knew that he'd found That old Student Prince that they made years ago So easy to play - what unbeatable sound! Paid twenty bucks and grabbed his guitar Still be a steal at ten times the dough It was amazing how a mere beginner Could play just a few notes and sound like a pro He'd play his heart out when he was at parties Guys would get jealous - but girls were impressed They'd ask how he did it he'd say "Nothin' to it, with this kind of guitar it brings out my best." One night when he had the room captivated He took five and set down his prince When a drunk stumbled by and sat down where he laid it And he's never sounded quite the same since Ron Nagle's House Party: So Tilt's still upset but he's givin' up crying Just can't lift his eyes from the sad, sad ground Time marches on with its fingers still trying To find, once again, that Student Prince sound. (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - June 2003)


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