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TIME FOR AUGUST Arthur Hamilton Julie London with the Pete King Orchestra I belong to the Man-Of-The-Month Club, And here it is the end of July. It's just about time for August to come hot-footin' it by. You can guess that I'm twelve times as happy As gals with only one man a year. And now is the time for August to put my heart in high gear. And he can do it. Ooh, you oughta see him, With that "Baby I'm here, your worries are over" smile. And when we kiss, I know it won't be cold enough for winter For a long, long while. I belong to the Man-Of-The-Month Club, And this July was only so-so. But now that it's time for August, I've got thirty-one days to glow. (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - July 2011)


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