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TIME'S A WASTIN' (Boudleaux Bryant) Carl Smith & June Carter - 1953 Now I've got arms And I've got arms let's get together and use those arms Let's go Time's a wastin' I've got lips And I've got lips let's get together and use those lips. Let's go..........Time's a wastin' The cakes no good if you don't mix the batter and bake it And loves just a bubble if you don't take the trouble to make it So if your free to go with me, I'll take you quicker than one-two-three Let's go..........Time's a wastin' Now I've got blues And I've got blues Let's get acquainted and lose those blues Let's go Time's a wastin' Now I've got feet And I've got feet Let's start to walk where the lovers meet Let's go..........Time's a wastin' You've got me feeling love like I never have felt it Your full of sugar and I think I'm the butter to melt it Now I've got schemes And you've got schemes Let's get together and dream some dreams Let's go..........Time's a wastin' (Contributed by Mel - August 2007)


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