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TINY MONTGOMERY Bob Dylan Well, you can tell everybody Down in ol' Frisco Tell 'em Tiny Montgomery says hello. Now, every boy and girl's Gonna get their bang 'Cause Tiny Montgomery's Gonna shake that thing Tell everybody Down in ol' Frisco That Tiny Montgomery's comin' Down to say hello. Skinny Moo and Halftrack Frank They're gonna both be gettin Outta the tank One bird book And a buzzard and a crow, Tell 'em all That Tiny's gonna say hello. Scratch your dad Do that bird Suck that pig And bring it on home Pick that drip And nose that dope Tell 'em all That Tiny says hello. Now, he's king of the drunks An' he squeezes, too Watch out, Lester Take it Lou Join the monks The C.I.O, Tell 'em all That Tiny Montgomery says hello. Now grease that pig And sing praise Go on out And gas that dog Trick on in Honk that stink Take it down And watch it grow Play it low And pick it up Take it on in In a plucking cup Three-legged man And a hot-lipped hoe Tell 'em all Montgomery says hello. Well, you can tell ev'rybody Down in ol' Frisco Tell 'em all Montgomery says hello. (Contributed by Ae - May 2004)


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