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TIPPERARY (Leo Curley / Jas. M. Fulton, J. Fred Helf, 1907) I'm in love with a slip of a tip-tip-typical Tipperary miss: She's a regular clip with a rosy lip that you'd dearly love to kiss: From the tip of her toes to the tip top of her nose I love her so. I'd like to just take her and squeeze her, I know that it wouldn't displease her. But she lives in Tipperary many miles away from here, If I could just meet her to see her and greet her, I'm thinkin' I'd eat her the little dear. But she's many miles away from here and so I'll wait I fear. Till I take a notion and sail o'er the ocean to Ireland. Now I'll give ye a tip when I board the ship with me grip to trip away: I'll be there a yell when they ring the bell and I'll shout "hip-hip-hooray." Then the whistle will toot and away we'll shoot with a toot toot down the bay. I'll wave a bye-bye when we're sailin' from over the top of the railin'. Then a cross the briny ocean to the tiny Em'rald Isle I'd give me last penny, if I hadn't any, be-gory, or many to see her smile. As she used to when she sat ferninst me down beside the stile. But I was a rover be-dad and came over from Ireland. Faith it's me that's nearly crazy, From me Tipperary daisy All the day me hearts "undaisy." Sure the thing I find that's on me mind, Is the darlin' girl I left behind, Far off in dear old Tipperary.


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