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TO BE A MAN (Tom Scholz) Boston - 1986 What does it take to be a man? What dos it take to see it's a heart and soul, a gentle hand? So easy to want and so hard to give. How can you be a man 'til you see beyond the life you live? Oh, what does it take to be a man? We can be blind, but a man tries to see. It takes tenderness for a man to be what he can be. And what does it mean if you're weak or strong? A gentle feelin' can make it right or make it wrong. What does it take to be a man? The will to give and not receive. The strength to say what you believe. The heart to feel what others feel inside. To see what they can see. A man is somethin' that's real. It's not what you are It's what you can feel. It can't be too late To look through the hate And see. I know that's what a man can be.


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