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TO EACH HIS DULCINEA (To Every Man His Dream) From Man of La Mancha (Joe Darion / Mitch Leigh) To each his Dulcinea ... That he alone can name, To each a secret hiding place: Where he can find the haunting face -- To light his secret flame ... For with his Dulcinea beside him so to stand, A man can do quite anything: Outfly the bird upon the wing -- Hold moonlight in his hand ... Yet if you build your life on dreams, It's prudent to recall: A man with moonlight in his hands -- Has nothing there at all ... There is no Dulcinea ... She's made of flame and air, And yet how lovely life would seem: If every man could weave a dream -- To keep him from despair. To each his Dulcinea ... Though she's only flame and air ... (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - February 2004)


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