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TOGETHER, WE TWO (Irving Berlin) Isham Jones& His Orch. (vocal: The Keller Sisters) - 1927 Ruth Etting - 1927 Vaughn DeLeath& Ed Smalle - 1927 Johnny Johnson& His Statler Pennsylvanians (vocal: Franklyn Baur) - 1927 Fred Rich& His Hotel Astor Orch. (vocal: Della Baker& Fred Harris) - 1927 Emil Seidel& His Orch. - 1927 J. Donald Parker - 1927 The Rhythmic Eight - 1927 Happiness, happiness, all the day long Everythings rosy and my heart keeps singing a song Nevermore trouble for, nevermore strife And I keep thinking of the happiest day of my life Bells were tolling as we were strolling together I was telling where we'd be dwelling together Down at the bottom of a little hill Where we could live and love And hear the trill of a whippoorwill We were happy, we looked so snappy together No mistaking what we were aching to do You gave your love undivided, just as I did Then and there we both decided Ev'ry weather we'd share together, we two (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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