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TOM DOOLEY, BABY (Don Bowman) Don Bowman - 1967 You oughta hang down your head, Tom Dooley For makin' me worry 'bout you this way Why, you oughta hang your head in shame I looked for you all over the place Dooley, baby, how come you hidin' from me You done somethin' wrong I don't know about I'm your friend and I'll help you if I can Least you could do was hang around Hey, Thomas, you and that chick havin' trouble again I's talkin' to the boys 'bout that the other night Somebody noticed you leavin' Carryin' a machine gun and that Bowie knife You oughta hang down your head, Tom Dooley For not confidin' in your old friend Dooley, you better really hang down your head If you did what I'm beginnin' to think you did Dooley, baby, my boy, my boy I got a feelin' you have muffed it this time Now that I figured it out You and me'd better sit down and make you one Jim Dandy alibi Hey Dooley, there you are Whatcha doin' up there hidin' from me You nut, they'll spot you ten miles off Up there in the top of that white oak tree Thomas, my boy, you've muffed it again Somethin' bout that wierd look in your eyes You could'a been in Mexico instead of hangin' around here If you hadn't picked such a lousy place to hide Good heavens anybody coulda beat that Well bug eyes, I gonna bug out (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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