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TOMMY’S DOLL (Glen Tubb / Jack Moran) Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - 1968 The kids all laughed at Tommy's Doll but Tommy didn’t care Cause he felt so much better when that little doll was their His Mom and Dad were busy doing things that parents do So Tommy's Doll was all he had to tell his troubles too When Tommy reach the age of five his Daddy said “Now Son… It’s time to trade your dolly in for this soldier and this gun” But Tommy said “O Daddy please… My dolly wants to stay” But his father said “Now be a man” and he threw the doll away Tommy never talked much after that He just sort of went into a shell But he never cried he just held inside All those things he couldn’t tell Then one day he saw his dolly way from a trashcan across the street And like a flash he darted out his little friend to meet He never saw the speeding car nor heard the screeching sound And before the driver knew it, he had run poor Tommy down The people came as people do and looked down at the boy He just laid there for a moment like a tragic broken toy Then reaching out his little arms he sat up straight and tall And whispered with his dieing breath “Someone please hand me my doll” (Contributed by lylemalone - June 2006)


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