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TOMORROW From the Broadway Operetta "The Vagabond King" (1925) (Rudolf Friml / Brian Hooker) Dennis King & Carolyn Thomson (Broadway Production) - 1925 Derek Oldham & Winnie Melvill(London Production) - 1927 Recorded by: Gordon MacRae & Lucille Norman - 1951 Alfred Drake & Mimi Benzell - 1951 Mario Lanza & Judith Raskin - 1958 John Hanson & Jane Fyfee - 2002 Ted Christopher & Julie Wright - 2004 LANZA: When you say "Not today", I would ask you then Will your beauty ever be quite so fair again When you frown and look down, let me ask of you Can I ever love you more than today I do Tomorrow is too far away Tomorrow is long to delay Tomorrow today will be only a memory Tomorrow we may learn that each Tomorrow is still out of reach So borrow tomorrow with me RASKIN: When you sigh love is nigh, I would have you know Love is not a passerby, lovers come and go When you smile, wait a while, I would understand Will you care to keep my heart when you have my hand LANZA: Tomorrow is too far away RASKIN: Tomorrow will you stay LANZA: Tomorrow is long to delay RASKIN: Tomorrow will you, Dear LANZA: Tomorrow today will be RASKIN: Tomorrow will you want to be LANZA: Only a memory RASKIN: A tender little memory LANZA: Tomorrow we may learn that each RASKIN: Tomorrow I may reach LANZA: Tomorrow is still out of reach RASKIN: The sun is still up high LANZA: So borrow RASKIN: To spend a day BOTH: Tomorrow with me (Transcribed by Ferda Dolunay, Mel & Rachel Priddle - July 2006)


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