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TONIGHT'S MY NIGHT WITH BABY Irving Caesar / Joseph Meyer / Bobby Buttenuth as recorded by Al Jolson May 3rd 1926 also recorded by - Sam Lanin & his Orch '26 Chas Dickson w Bob Green's Orch '26 Fred Elizalde & his Cinderella Roof Orch '26 Whispering Jack Smith '26 I looked in my little red book, And I found I had a date, At half past eight, I can't be late! Look me over, how do I look? Now tell me, am I there? Tell me on the square, Could I make anyone care? I comb my hair, brush my hat, I even wash my dog and cat! Tonight's my night with baby. The onions that I like so much For weeks I haven't dared to touch! Tonight's my night with baby. Now I call sweetie "baby", And here's the reason why, Every time we cuddle, It works just like a lullaby! I hear the parson in the hall, For we'd be there if I should fall! Tonight's my night with baby. Feels just like I'm walkin' on wheels, I feel that I could fly! Look in my eye And you'll see why! Just had rubber put on my heels, I've no time to lose! Do your duty, shoes! I'm run 'way from the blues! If she says "yes", then I'll say "yes", If she says "no", I'll still say "yes"! Tonight's my night with baby. If she says "do", I'll say "do", If she says "don't", I'll do say "do", ha! Tonight's my night with baby. We'll move to the north pole, I know that we're not wrong. You know, at the north pole, The nights up nthere are six months long! I guess she's nice, I hope I'm right, But if I'm wrong I'll know tonight! Tonight's my night with baby. I got my ma, got my pa, I put 'em on my motor car! Tonight's my night with baby. And I said to my driver, "Jack, Just drive and drive and don't come back!", 'Cause tonight's my night with baby. Say, we've seen every movie, We've seen every play, We gotta have amusement, But we want it in a different way! I fixed the lights at half past ten, They'll all blow out, oh boy, and then Tonight's my night with baby! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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