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TONIGHT WILL TEACH ME TO FORGET (1905 Uncredited) (Franz Lehár (m) / Gus Kahn (l) ) Jeanette MacDonald 1934 (Franz Lehár with Orchestra) I thought that this day would be the day When my heart would find romance Romance, again. I thought that this day would be the day When my heart would learn to dance To dance again. It was all just a fleeting dream Men are not, not what they seem. And this beautiful day only taught me to regret But tonight will teach me to forget. (bridge, humming and orchestral break) While I wait, he's forgetting me It was just not meant to be And so it seems, I must close my book of dreams And I'll seal it with regret and forget. NOTES: The Merry Widow was a Franz Lehár operetta performed in Vienna December 1905, then London June 1907 and was based on an 1861 comedy play. Since then, a myriad of adaptations have been made for film, TV, and stage including ballet. These lyrics are found in the film of 1934, ‘The Merry Widow’ and were recorded September 20th of that year. Director: Ernst Lubitsch Leads: Maurice Chevalier / Jeanette MacDonald (Transcribed by David Story - December 2013)


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