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TOO LONG OUT / TOO LONG IN Album: Jorma - 1978 Jorma Kaukonen "Well movin' down to Lousisiana, gonna leave this life behind, Bye-bye California, said I finally changed my mind, This restless way of livin' bout to drive a man insane. To leave the sleepy village, tired of playin' those waitin' games. Well hello New York City, hope you're waitin' on my call. Babe since I've been here you're the greatest one of all, Well hello big time city, come on and have a ball. Tired of hibernatin', let's go cruising for a fall Well I spent some time in Wichita, Thought it was the pits This life of superstratum just ain't all it's cracked up to be. To California, where the people let you be. Well good morning Albuquerque Lord I must have gone insane Looking out the window Gotta catch a train Seems like lost horizons just ain't comin' up the same, I hear California callin' I better take a plane. Well, Gotta to tell Virginia that they better let it shine. This life that I've been living-- Street sore failure on my mind. Well bye bye the old Grand Canyon California way behind." (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - November 2002)


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