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TOOTHLESS PEOPLE Weird Al Yankovic They only show you their gums when they smile Ain't got a tooth in their heads now, how vile Only can eat things like pudding and applesauce They never have to buy toothpicks or dental floss Hey, stand up Toothless people, their breath is lethal, wanna tell you Hey, come on, stand up, get on your feet Toothless people, old and feeble, what I say No more of those pearly whites will they possess Their oral hygiene is frightful, a mess Lots of 'em suffering from trench mouth and gum disease At least they don't have to worry 'bout cavities Hey, stand up, take out your teeth Toothless people, old and feeble, oh yes You can brush 'em, you can floss 'em They're something you just can't ignore If you lose 'em, you're in trouble 'Cause the tooth fairy won't come no more You need something to show your dentist The next time he makes you say "Ah" You don't wanna have to wind up Eating all of your food through a straw (Like toothless people, toothless people) You'd better brush your teeth now (hey) Toothless, toothless, toothless, toothless people Hey, stand up, toothless people


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