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TRAILING AROUND IN A TRAILER (Harry Gifford / Fred E. Cliffe) George Formby - 1937 I love the fresh air, it's great, I declare Wide open spaces for me With trailer and car I set out afar A rover I meant to be Over the hills and dales Over the slugs and snails Trailing around in a trailer Eee, it's champion campin' out It's just like a real gypsy life To make it look more real, a gypsy lent me his wife I'd only one pair of pyjamas It was awkward there's no doubt We shared the suit between us, but we found it too tight She had got the left leg on, so I put on the right The tape it broke and I never got a wink of sleep all night Eee, it's champion campin' out On a farm t'other night, I was doin' all right A dairy maid sat on me knee One kiss it begun at a quarter-to-one And it lasted till half-past-three For breakfast we'd eggs and ham Then I thought it was time to scram and go Ttrailin around in me trailer Eee, it's champion campin' out To shut the window one day I tried I banged it in a hurry with me head still inside When I was doin' some fishin' A girl strayed round about She smiled and whispered, "Any luck?", she seemed a gay spark As far as fishin' went, it's true me luck was off the mark But I had a bit of luck with her as soon as it was dark Eee, it's champion campin' out (Ukelele Solo) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2006) (Contributed by EUROPEAN OLDIES LYRICS - March 2006)


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