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TRA LA LA LA LA (Andrew B. Sterling / Harry Von Tilzer, 1920) Sweet Marie from gay Paree Came here to go upon the stage Sweet Marie a hit was she And soon became the public rage Every night it was a sight To see the Johnnies fall in line On bended knee you'd hear this please Oh sweet Marie come please be mine. Sweet Marie was wise you see She always knew her little book Diamond rings and other things That came her way she always took Winning smile and taking style Took costly presents by the score She'd take each lad for all he had And then she'd take him to the door. Tra la la la la she'd always say Tra la la la la in accent day Pretty baby if I let you play wize me You might get too gay and free Tra la la la la My Yankee boy Tra la la la la you bring much joy But if I go out and take ze motor ride Why you might want to pull down ze blind inside And zen you try to get a little fly So I better, Tra la la la la Tra la la la la come ca. Tra la la la la ze naughty child Tra la la la la he get too wild If I ever give to sweet pa pa one kiss Zen he'll know what real love is Tra la la la la Oh you baby Tra la la la la I know cherie That when you say zat with love your heart is full I know zats only what Yankee call ze "bull" And if I let you get ze kiss I bet Why then I know you'll Tra la la la la Tra la la la la come ca.


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