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TRANSISTOR RADIO Benny Hill - 1961 My baby’s got a transistor radio She takes it everywhere we go She takes it when we go out a-walking Even to a movie show Well now, just last night, in the pale moonlight I asked her for a kiss But instead of hearing her whisper sweet words of love All that I could hear was this (Radio: 4 lines of high-pitched singing, sounding like Pinky & Perky) I went round to the house where my baby lives To ask her for a date There I was, walking up the garden path Round about half past eight When I heard a sound, made my poor heart pound It stopped me in my stride I seemed to hear the voice of another guy Coming from inside (Radio: Elvis take-off, singing I wonder if you’re lonesome tonight - Maybe that’s ‘cause you’re eleven feet tall And all the world’s a stage, I have often heard that said But I don’t have a wooden heart I have a wooden head) I’d like to take her transistor radio And throw it in the deep blue sea I’m so jealous of her transistor radio ‘Cause it takes her mind off me I said, Oh baby, please be mine I want you for my own Tell me, is your love for somebody else? Or is it for me alone? (Radio: Male presenting dance music requests from British Honduras, New Guinea, and British West Hartlepool) I swore to her that I would always be true And love her all the while And oh, that oh so happy day I took her down the aisle Now, do you take this man to be your loving husband? The preacher softly said But he never heard you say, I do ‘Cause this is what he heard instead (Radio: Singing, Yeah, yeah You told me you were just eighteen on the telephone I thought that you meant eighteen years But you meant eighteen stone Big fat mama} We went to spend our honeymoon down on the Island of Capri I found myself a very small hotel as quiet as could be But when I got up to our room upon our wedding night This is the sound that reached my ears As I switched out the light (Wife) Darling? (Husband) ‘Ere, where’s the radio? (Wife) Music he wants!


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