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TRAVELLIN' MAN Frank DeVol / Joe Greene as rec by Anita O'Day w Stan Kenton &his Orch Jan 16th 1945 Los Angeles Travellin' man, You grab your rags And pack your bags, Then while I'm thinkin' you're near, You're a million miles from here! Travellin' man, You fry your fish, And then you wish The sea would be lappin' your door, And, sure enough, I don't see you no more; Till you run short of money, Have the wherewithal to have a ball! I didn't know the choo choo ever runs this way, Until my roving papa hits a rainy day! Travellin' man, I've been too kind And kinda blind! Papa, all things have to change; I've got me a type, Corny slippers and pipe; He don't believe That home life is tripe! So travellin' man, There'll be no struggle and strife, Keep on travellin' - for the rest of your life! (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2010)


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