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TRAV'LIN' ALL ALONE James C Johnson 1929 Billie Holiday & her Orch rec Sep 13th 1937 New York also- Ethel Waters '29 George Thomas w McKinney's Cotton Pickers '30 Isham Jones & his Orch '30 The Boswell Sisters '30's Jimmie Noone & his Orch I'm so weary and all alone, Feel all tired like heavy stone, Trav'lin', trav'lin' all alone. Who will see and who will care 'Bout this load that I must bear? Trav'lin', trav'lin' all alone. Prayers I sent to heaven above 'Bout my burdens, woes and love; Head bowed down with misery, Nothin' now appeals to me, Trav'lin', trav'lin' all alone. Give me just another day, There's one thing I want to say; Friends are well when all is gold, Leave you always when you're old! Trav'lin', trav'lin' all alone, All alone. (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2009)


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