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TROUBLE (Charles Brace / Maurice Rogers / Kent Sprague) Brenton Wood - 1967 Also recorded by: Foxy Trouble, trouble, baby Trouble, trouble, honey You're comin' 'round here tryin' to tell me that you care But if you gonna hurt me, girl Let me give you a warning You betta be careful You know I really care and I love you so But if you do me wrong Then I'll be gone in the mornin' You know true love is hard to find So you better change your ways and change your mind Now, baby Don't say yes, and don't say no But if there's a chance, then let me know Say maybe, baby Kill my true love And say I'm just a friend If that's how it is, let this be the end We're gonna have trouble Trouble, baby Trouble, trouble, honey You don't miss the water Till the well runs dry So baby let's give this love a try, indeed You wanna be rich, don't wanna be poor With the love I have, I'll give you more Take heed, baby You know, the world is cold and it's awful rough But when you got it made, then things get tough Can you dig it, baby Stand by me, and I'll stand by you Until we have a love that's gonna be true Get with it, baby You've had your share of fortune and fame Without a true love You have nothin' but pain Trouble, yes, I'm gonna have trouble Trouble, we're gonna have trouble Trouble, you know ..........FADE (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - April 2006)


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