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TRY TO LEARN TO LOVE (Noel Coward) As recorded by: Al Starita & The Piccadilly Band V. Eddie Grossbart Recorded 9th March 1928 Also recorded by: Gertrude Lawrence Ambrose & His Orcestra Van Phillips & His Band, V. Ray Starita Fred Spinelly’s Lido Venice Band First you learn to spell a little bit Then if you excel a little bit Other things as well a little bit Come your way Though the process may seem slow to you Knowledge of the world will flow to you Steadily you grow a little bit Day by day Though you’re too gentle, sentimental In fact quite a dreary bore Though you’re aesthetic, apathetic To all men but Bernard Shaw Use the velvet glove a little bit Emulate the dove a little bit Try to learn to love a little bit more. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - September 2013)


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