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TURN 'ERBERT'S FACE TO THE WALL (Ronald Hill) Gracie Fields - 1935 We once were a most happy 'ousehold With smiles on our lips all the time Till some cruel and black-hearted villain Showed us the pathway to crime Young 'Erbert he patronised racin' But none of his 'orses would win So he robbed a harmless old bookie And went off to gaol for his sin Turn 'Erbert's face to the wall, Mother Never more mention 'is name For he's brought disgrace on the family And bowed down our 'eads with shame Father took lessons in forgin' Found notes were 'is favourite line Till he offered one in the Courthouse When he had to pay a small fine Turn Father's face to the wall, Mother His photograph turn on its nail He won't see the last rose this summer They've taken him back to gaol Rosie, she went to the pictures An innocent girl she was then She forgot what her mother had told her About taking gifts from strange men Turn Rosie's face to the wall, Mother Her picture shall 'ang on black string She may have her furs and her jewels But she's got no wedding ring SPOKEN: Oh, it's perfectly awful I don't know what family's comin' to, oh dear Our 'ousehold is scattered and broken Our future will n'er be the same Young Alfred has now departed And Sally has lost her good name Turn us all 'round to the wall, Mother We're all just as bad as can be And it's all through you meetin' poor Father You've ruined the family SPOKEN: Oh dear, it's terrible, it's terrible I think we all ought to die out Perhaps we could get somebody come in and shoot us (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2006)


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