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TURN LOOSE OF MY LEG Jim Stafford These girls today they sure act funny Take you out and spend their money But they always seem to expect a favor or two A girl picked me up about a week ago Drug me out to some drive-in show Oh,I can't begin to say what she put me through She parked me on the very last row Reached down and grabbed my knee My whole life flashed before my eyes I said this can't be happining to me. Chorus Turn loose of my leg I don't know you that well Turn loose of my leg In love with you I have not fell I know what you are Just forget it and remove your hand Turn loose of my leg I'm not that kind of man. The other day I was at the soda shop Had an ice cream sundae and a soda pop The waitress brought me a note from a woman in a booth The note said join me for another round And I'll pick up your check and show you the town I can't begin to say what she put me through Underneath that table her fingers did the walkin' Till she touched the tip of my shoe I ran for the door but she wouldn't let go I must a drug her for a block or two Turn loose of my leg You don't seem to understand I'm not that kind of man You want to hug me and hold me And kiss me on the mouth You make me want to crawl the walls When your hands start flying south. Chorus (Spoken) Animal Now don't you think we can have some kind of relationship Without being so physical...huh? (Transcribed by Machiel Bain - October 2002)


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