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TWELVE O'CLOCK TONIGHT (Pat Ballard) as recorded by Doris Day with Frank De Vol & his Orchestra 1957 Twelve o'clock tonight, (twelve o'clock tonight) Meet me at the door, (meet me at the door) I'll kiss you goodnight (I'll kiss you goodnight) Once more! Then I'll go to bed, (gotta go to bed) Busy day ahead, (busy day ahead) But I know instead (but I know instead) I'll walk the floor! (walk the floor) Since I've been with you, Can't concentrate, Wanna stay up late; Baby, I'll wait for you! Then I'll hold you tight, (then I'll hold you tight) Till the sun is bright. (till the sun is bright) Meet me at the door (for sure) At twelve o'clock tonight! (twelve o'clock tonight) Twelve o'clock tonight, Mmm, middle of the night! Not a soul in sight To interfere with our love! Teacher may scold, mama may call, But if we're quiet down in the hall, I'll be huggin' you tight (I'll be huggin' you tight)) Twelve o'clock tonight, (bong bong bong bong) Twelve o'clock tonight, (ding ding ding ding) Twelve o'clock tonight, (dang dang dang dang) Twelve o'clock tonight! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2015)


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