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TWENTY FOUR ROBBERS (Young / Buckner) as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm May 13th 1941 New York Last night, night before, Twenty four robbers came to my door. Opened the door and let them in, I hit 'em in the head with a bottle of gin! Just can't understand, Twenty four robbers fightin' one man. One o' them took the silverware, It wasn't very good so I really don't care! I'm gonna warn you, (warn you) I tell you what to do, (what to do) You better lock your door, (lock your door) 'Cause the robber men might come back again! I can't sleep any more, Put a big chair right by my front door. Got a shotgun and stood it there, To keep the robbers out o' my hair! Hit the road, you fool! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2018)


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