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TWO TON TESSIE (FROM TENNESSEE) (Lou Handman / Roy Turk) Mickey Guy's Hottentots - 1926 Tessie O'Shea - 1933 Tiny Hill & His Orch. (vocal: Tiny Hill) - 1940 Ray Charles & The Raelettes - 1964 Also recorded by: The Ames Brothers Down in Nashville, Tennessee (Oh yeah) There's a sight you oughta see (Oh yeah) But as long as you can't get down there I'll tell you all, so listen to me There's a girl named Tessie Town (Oh yeah) And she weighs about four hundred pounds (Oh yeah) She's fat and fair, she don't care 'Cause the boys all hang around They call her Two Ton Tessie from Tennessee Holds ten sweeties up on her knee When she does, all the fun begins When they play tennis on her double-chin They all answer to her demands And bring her tires for wedding bands But I just got a little inside tip They promised her a nightclub on her hip Yeah, Two Ton Tessie from Nashville, Tennessee (She's from Tennessee) (Ev'ry time she struts around) Uh-huh (She puts on an extra pound) Is that right? (But it doesn't seem to worry her) (The weight is making Tessie reknowned) (Is a-trying to reduce) (And she's got a good excuse) (Fat and fair, but she don't care) ('Cause the boys all hang around) (They call her) Two Ton Tessie from Tennessee Goes in swimming up to her knee Once she went in to her neck The tide rose up and made the town a wreck She was hit on the railroad track Engines hit her and bounced right back Her appendix had to come out fast They couldn't operate, so they had to blast On Two Ton Tessie from Nashville, Tennessee (She's from Tennessee) (Instrumental Break) On a streetcar I heard 'em say Six men gave her a seat one day All the baseball players have stopped their gym They run around Tessie just to stay in trim Two ton Tessie from Knoxville, I mean a-Memphis, Oh-ah, Nashville, Tennessee (She's from Tennessee) A-that's right! (Transcribed from the Ray Charles recording by Mel Priddle - Feb 2010)


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