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UNCLE REMUS Frank Zappa Whoa, are we moving too slow? Have you seen us,? We look pretty sharp in these clothes *(Yes, we do)* Unless we get sprayed with a hose It ain't mad in the day If they squirt it your way 'Cept in the wintah, when it's froze And it's hard if it hits, on your nose *(On your nose)* Just keep your nose To the grindstone they say Will that redeem us, Uncle Reemus? I can't wait til mah 'fro is full grown I'll just through in my doo-rag at home I'll take a drive to Beverly Hills Just before dawn And knock the little jockeys Off the rich peoples lawn And before they get up I'll be gone *(I'll be gone)* Before they get up I'll be knockin' the jockeys off the lawn *(Down in the dew)*


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