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UNDER MY UMBRELLA (Charles O‘Flynn, George Meyer, Pete Wendling) As recorded by: Syd Lipton & His Grosvenor House Band V. Cyril Grantham Recorded 4th April 1933 Under my umbrella On a stormy night I found my Cinderella In m y throat I felt a lump And my heart began to jump Under my umbrella She stood in a doorway So I tipped my hat and said, “I’m going your way, Would you like to come along Oh, I know it won’t be wrong Under my umbrella” She just whispered with a smile “How romantic this is” And then in a little while It was raining kisses Under my umbrella What a happy girl, a mighty lucky feller Now a shower brings delight It reminds me of the night We met under my umbrella (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - January 2015)


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