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UNDERNEATH HAWAIIAN SKIES (Words by Ernie Erdman / Music by Fred Rose, 1920) Where the tropic breezes play, where the palm trees bend and sway, there a lonely maiden sighs, underneath Hawaiian skies. Every night beneath the moon, you can hear a lonesome croon, calling out across the bay, to her lover far away. Moonbeams kiss the silvry sand, where they wandered, hand in hand, tears be-dim two soft brown eyes, underneath Hawaiian skies. Sweet Hawaiian melodies, bring to her fond memories, of a love that used to be, as she calls across the sea. Come back to the shores of Honolulu, I'm so lonely here without you, underneath Hawaiian skies, tell me am I waiting all in vain, dear? say you're coming back again dear, to a land that's paradise. (Can't you hear me calling?) Come back where each tiny star that twinkles, and each steel guitar that tinkles breathes of love that never dies; sometime I just know you'll be returning, to a heart that's always yearning, underneath Hawaiian skies.


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