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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (Parts 1 & 2) The Barron Knights - 1966 PART 1 (A Side) (Guitar chord.....Hah-huh, sorry chaps!) It doesn't seem to matter what party is in power Our country always seems in a state, in a state (But what do you propose to do about it?) We'll acquire a rocket ship Send all the politicians up to Mars And then this Country can be run By all our favourite stars..... When we're in Downing Street Here's what we'll do Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah We'll reorganise the Revenue Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah We'll review the tax And all buy pipes and macs Like you know who Now, the Troggs at Downing Street Have told The Ministry of War That they must stop the secrets Going out of their back door..... Our security is getting weak Now we find that it has gone and sprung a leak Oh Mama, call the plumber The plumber said could you call back again Because I'm busy working on the big brain drain Mama, what a lumber Unfortunately it would be impossible to fit P.J. Proby in the Government 'cause he would cause a split Doddy's political party won't last for many years He's always making promises, but ending up in tears Jimmy Saville was advised when all blue he died his hair Someone is giving out the loot and Sonny's got his Cher David and Jonathan had rows with Number Ten As leaders of the Union, they're appealing to the men..... Brothers of the worst led strike Come to the meeting on your bike Leave your Rolls-Royce in the yard Don't forget your union card We will strike till they agree To stop all this redundancy PART 2 (B Side) To our transatlantic friends a telegram we sent And now they're here to help us out in our new Parliament..... What a day for a new scheme What a day to give the fellahs a treat We'll knock the prices of clothes down When we nationalise Carnaby Street Well, all the girls are alright as they are As long as their mini-skirts don't stray too far And if they're affected by the freeze They can lower their hemlines down to their knees While the Spoonful dream their day away The Beach Boys are fixin' it so they're okay Within the sound of old Big Ben This was heard from one of them..... I like it at Westminster 'Cause there is a nice young spinster She doesn't need any lessons On procedure at all-night sessions She's the most promising backbench MP To run a country is a great responsibility The groups might crack beneath the strain And then where would they be..... Remember when you heard us say That we would stop the squeeze And fix things up so that you wouldn't have to work Well..... We tried it anyhow But then the days got worse and worse And now you see we've gone completely out of our minds And..... They're coming to take us away, hah-hah They're coming to take us away, ho-ho, hee-hee, hah-hah From Parliament that's driving us mad with the credit squeeze And the price of cheese, and sawdust now is tuppence-a-plank And they're coming to take us away, aaahaaahhhhhh! Let's put the stars back on the stage Before our country goes to ruin And let's bring back the real M.Ps 'Cause they know what they're doin' (Transcribed/Contributed by Mel Priddle and Jean-Marie del Fabbro - August 2010) (Additional clarifications by Alan T - March 2012)


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