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UNDER THE MELLOW ARABIAN MOON (Caspar Nathan / J. Walter Leopold, 1915) My heart's in Arabia tonight, Where stars shine bright on desert sand, Where the moon sends blessings with its light, From far above, oh, land, of love: When the oriole high in the trees, Goes to its nest in search of rest, Then my fancy journey o'er the seas, Thro' desert sand to Arab land: Under the mellow Arabian moon, With an Arabian maid in the desert shade, Humming a sweet Arabian tune, Turkish melodies floating on the breeze, Holding someone by the hand In that far off desert land, Let me tell you that's the way to spoon; Just get an Arab sweetheart, Under the the mellow Arabian moon, Tell her pretty things, do your wanderings, Where cold December seems like June; You will be content in the Orient, You'll find lots of pleasure there, love and music in the air, Under the mellow Arabian moon.


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