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USE YOUR IMAGINATION (Chip Davis / Stiles) Mud How come you're the kind of guy whose crawling round the garbage in the backstreet, It's time that you took of my friend and found yourself another nightime beat, How come that hazy twilight world came down on you and like a fog surrounds you, Stand over here right by my side, I'm gonna help you get back to your feet. Use your imagination, Open up your eyes, Use your imagination, c'mon and give it a try, Use your imagination, Open up your eyes, Use your imagination c'mon and give it a try. How come man, you're drinking, slowly sinking, making hookers on the backstreet, I'll get you 10 my friend, the ends you tie ain't ever gonna meet, How come with your shining daydream dark clouds fell and turned the world against you, I've said it once I'll tell you now, right here's the place where you'll find all you need Chorus


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