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VELVET GLOVE (Harold Spina) Jerry Colonna Also recorded by: Ted Heath, Hugo Winterhalter. Last night as I was strolling by There on the ground I found a velvet glove Whose can it be, and where is she Is she for me at all, and will I fall in love. She must be lovely as the music of the night She’s lovely in the moonlight glow Fairer than the roses that she wears And dainty as a cameo There must be firelight dancing in her hair And where she walks the air is rare delight How I wish that I could be the one To hold her in his arms tonight Will she return to love and learn That she’s the dream that I’ve been dreaming of I just know this, she’ll understand And let me kiss the hand that wore the velvet glove. La-da-da-de-dum the velvet glove La-da-da-de-dum the glove I love I know just this, she’ll understand And let me kiss each finger of the velvet glove. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6.Egad! (Contributed by Bill Huntley - November 2006)


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