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VILLAGE WHERE I WENT TO SCHOOL, THE Recorded by: The Alexander Brothers; Foster & Allen; Farmer Dan; Brendan Shine; Hugh Duncan. As recorded by FOSTER & ALLEN Well, I've travelled the world, I've heard people say Funny how life has slipped away But I knew that I'd come back someday To the village where I went to school In the corner of a field there's a big oak tree It's been growing there before you and me I've carved my name for all to see In the village where I went to school I would sit in the class on a winter's morn Sometimes I'd wish I'd never been born In second-hand clothes that were tattered and torn In the village where I went to school Where are they now, some went over the sea Odd ones came back to the village like me There's a smell of bread from the baker's shop And the little store where we bought our pop The coalman's old horse, he'd go clippety-clop Through the village where I went to school Well, I've many childhood memories Like the time when all the school caught fleas And the orchard where we climbed the trees In the village where I went to school Now I've come back home and I've reminisced I look around at the things I missed As the the sun comes up, I watch it kiss The village where I went to school Like the old village stream, the water flows on Some folk have stayed, while others have gone Well, I'll look around and I'll find a wife I've had my share of trouble and strife And it's here I'll spend the last years of my life In the village where I went to school (Transcribed by Mel Priddle -August 2014)


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