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VODKA From the Broadway Show "Song Of The Flame" (1926) (Oscar Hammerstein II / George Gershwin / Otto Harbach / Herbert Stothart) Spider Saloff - 1997 Darlene Popovic - 1999 Of all concoctions alcoholical I know, but one that's diabolical I simply thrive on old Champagne and sparkling Burgandy Whiskey, Cointreau, Moselle Or Eau de Vie are just like tea But, vodka, dont give me vodka, For when i take a little drink I forget to think What a little drink can do to me Vodka, dont give me vodka, For when i take a little nip, I begin to slip And I start romancing with the man that I am dancing with For vodka, makes me feel oddka I go and grab a six foot two, anyone will do If he's only wise enought to see I'll not scream should he kiss me Couldnt if I would, wouldnt if I could Vodka, you ruin me.


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