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VOYAGER (Ronnie Montrose / Davey Pattison) Gamma The dark of the sky – the light of the moon The solitary figure will be home real soon He has braved the storms of time – his life is on the line He’s been prayin’ to his saviour Please take me away from here The man on the ship - has a lot to fear He hasn’t seen home - in almost a year When darkness falls – he goes by the stars Getting directions from Jupiter and Mars It was he who created this strife He is fighting for his life He is longing to see – His wife and his family CHORUS then SOLO Well will things be the same – When he gets home again Will his children still remember – The man who went away The year that has gone past – All the places he has been He’ll remember to the last – The worlds that he has seen CHORUS Oh oh oh Fade to end


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