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A VUCCHELLA (Little Mouth) (Francesco Paolo Tosti (m) Gabriele D'Annunzio (l) 1907) as recorded by Mario Lanza with orchestra conducted by Ray Sinatra 1951 (radio transcript) Si, comm'a nu sciorillo, Tu tiene na vucchella. Nu poco pucurillo appassuliatella, Meh, dammillo, dammillo É comm'a na rusella; Dammillo vasillo, Dammillo, Cannetella! Dammillo e pigliatillo, Nu vaso piccerillo, Nu vaso piccerillo comm'a chesta vucchella, Che pare na rusella, Nu poco pucurillo appassuliatella. Sì, tu tiene 'a vucchella, Nu poco pucurillo appassuliatella! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2017)


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