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WACKY DUST Oscar Levant (m) Stanley Adams (l) 1938 as rec by Ella Fitzgerald w Chick Webb & his Orch Aug 17th 1938 New York also rec by Bunny Berigan '38 They cakll it wacky dust, It's from the hot cornet, It gives your feet a feeling so breezy And oh, it's so easy to get! They call it wacky dust, It brings a dancing jag, And when it starts then only a sap'll Refuse to "big apple" or "shag". Though I don't know just why It gets you so high, Putting a buzz in your heart, You'll do a marathon, You'll wanna go on, Kickin' the ceilin' apart! They call it wacky dust, It's something you can't trust, And in the end the rhythm will stop; When it does and you'll drop >From happy wacky dust! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2009)


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